Westbrough, MA

Address: 232 Turnpike RD, Westbrough, MA, 01581
Email: info@theblackrosebakery.com
Phone: +(508) 366-1845

Business Hours

Monday 8:00 – 7pm
Tuesday 8:00 – 7pm
Wednesday 8:00 – 7pm
Thursday 8:00 – 7pm
Friday 8:00 – 8pm
Saturday 8:00 – 8pm
Sunday 8:00 – 6pm

For Orders
Please call us at 508-366-1845


About The Company

Our Story

Long Rocheford’s baking journey began in 1998 at Gerardo Sarli’s bakery, where she honed her skills before venturing into the computer field. Despite her career change, her passion for baking never waned. In Chicago, she trained under Chef Sebastien Canonne, M.O.F., and Jacquy Pfeiffer, immersing herself in the world of French pastries.

Enthralled by the artistry of French pastries, Long journeyed to Europe for further training under renowned chef Therry. Fueled by her newfound knowledge, she returned to the US and resumed her collaboration with Gerardo, revitalizing his bakery into Gerardo’s European Bakery.

After seven years of dedication, Gerardo passed the bakery to Long in 2022. With a vision inspired by her mother, Rose, Black Rose European Bakery was born, aiming to bring the finest European pastries to American palates.