About us

Long Rocheford began her baking journey working with Gerardo Sarli at his bakery in 1998, collaborating with him for several years and learning the in and outs of the business of baking until she decided to embark on a career in the computer field. During the time of her absence she never stopped pursuing her love of baking. In Chicago, she trained to bake and decorate under Chef Sebastien Canonne, M.O.F. and Jacquy Pfeiffer who introduced her to the extraodinary world of French pastries.

She instantly fell in love with the art of making such exquisite treats and a thirst to learn straight from the source, guided her to Europe to continue her development as a pastry chef. While in France, she traveled to one of the most historic pastry towns and trained under the tutelage of the renown chef Therry.

With a head full of knowledge, and a heart that yearned to bake European style pastries, Long returned to the US and resumed working with Gerardo, inspiring his latest bakery, Gerardo’s European Bakery. For seven years, she worked as his head baker there and incorporated her fresh knowledge, expertise, and delicious recipes, growing the bakery into a well loved business within the Westborough community and surrounding areas.

In 2022, Gerardo Sarli decided that he would pass down this location to his apprentice and partner of 20+ years so that she could fulfill her dream of bringing the best of European Pastry to American soil. For years, the seeds of Black Roses European Bakery, named after Long’s beloved Mother Rose, have been planted. And now, it is our hope to see it blossom in full, into something delicate and sweet for all to try.